Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction (12 mins)

    • Introduction

    • Course content

    • Disclaimer

    • Validating your idea

  • 2

    2. Roam Books (22 mins)

    • Chapter overview

    • The added value of rBooks

    • rBook features: overview and which to choose

    • Links

    • Creating links

    • The sidebar

    • Implementing the sidebar

    • Reference pages

    • Creating reference pages

    • Embeddings

    • Creating embeddings

    • Indentation

    • Creating indents

    • Spaced repetition

    • Resources to learn more about spaced repetition

    • Advanced features

    • Resources to learn more about advanced features

    • Exercise: choose which features to implement

  • 3

    3. Roam Book formats (5 mins)

    • Chapter overview

    • The three formats in which rBooks can be distributed

    • Which format to choose

  • 4

    4. Writing a Roam Book (38 mins)

    • Chapter overview

    • The two approaches to writing rBooks

    • An overview of the Roam-first approach

    • Should you use a separate graph?

    • Writing the rBook-first approach

    • Editing using the rBooks-first approach

    • Read it out loud

    • An overview of the eBook-first approach

    • Writing and editing (with the eBook-first approach)

    • Converting to rBook formats

    • Exporting to the JSON format

    • Sharing as read-only

    • Exporting to RoamReads

  • 5

    5. Styling your Roam Book (6 mins)

    • Styling overview

    • CSS in Roam

    • CSS and your readers

    • My CSS code

  • 6

    6. Structuring your Roam Book (26 mins)

    • Structuring

    • Linking (overview and how much)

    • Linking pages

    • Link tables

    • Embeddings

    • Reference pages

    • Tagging

    • Footnotes

    • Using my template

    • Downloading the template

    • Importing the template

  • 7

    7. Publishing your Roam Book (23 mins)

    • Publishing overview

    • Publishing on Gumroad

    • Payments and invoicing

    • Publishing your rBook on Gumroad

    • Pricing on Gumroad

    • Gumroad affiliates

    • Publishing on RoamReads

  • 8

    8. Marketing (24 mins)

    • Marketing overview

    • Marketing timeline

    • The landing page

    • Launch day

  • 9

    9. The roadmap (6 mins)

    • The roadmap

    • Download the roadmap

    • Aftermath and conclusions

    • My contacts

What's inside

  • More than 2h30 of videos explaining how to design, structure, write, market, and publish your first rBook.

  • My editable template, to use as a base for your rBook.

  • A roadmap and a few exercises for you to start your rBook.

Who this course is for

  • Aspiring authors

    You have an idea you care about and want to publish a Roam Book about it.

  • Established authors

    You already published a book or eBook, and want to publish a Roam version.

Meet your instructor

Luca Dellanna

Luca is an Operational Excellence and Antifragile Organizations consultant. He is the author of 7 books and spoke to many conferences worldwide, including Nudgestock, the largest behavioral sciences conference. His website is

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this course cover Roam Basics?

    This course assumes that you have a very basic knowledge of Roam Research (you already have a Roam account and know how to write basic notes). That said, it will show and explain how to use most features relevant to Roam Books, and how to import and export templates and manuscripts.


  • This course has been self-recorded in front of my laptop. Do not expect movie-quality video and audio.

  • This course assumes you already know what to write your Roam Book about. It starts with you having an idea and guides you to outlining, writing, editing, marketing and publishing it BUT it does not cover how to come up with the idea or how to research it.

  • This course does not cover how to write a Roam Book collaboratively.

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